The Lowell High School Alumni Chorus was formed in 1996 under the direction of our beloved LHS chorus director, friend, mentor and our very own "Mr. Holland" B. Douglas (‘T’) Townshend (that’s him surfing the... um... runway(?) above left). The chorus comprises Lowell High School alumni from graduating years ranging from 1945 on up as well as "associate members" (friends and family of Alumni). If you like to sing, you can be our friend too! We practice on Sunday afternoons from early Fall through late Spring with a recess for Christmas and New Years.

Now, while ‘T’ suffers through one boring snow-less Florida winter after another, we perform two concerts each year under the direction of our wonderful director and pianist Joseph Camara, Jr. (He’s the handsome gent above on the right). One concert is usually in early December featuring, surprisingly enough, a Christmas/Holiday theme including a mix of sacred and secular music. The other is in the Spring with a different theme each year but typically including at least some Broadway and some patriotic music.

In addition to having a great time singing, socializing and trying the director’s patience, we also raise money for a couple of very worthy causes. We sponsor The LHS Alumni Chorus Schollarship Fund as well as supporting the B. Douglas Townshend Scholarship fund both of which aid deserving Lowell High School students wishing to pursue an education in the field of Music. We have also contributed to The Lowell Masonic Learning Center for Dyslexic Children, The Immaculate Conception Church and The Lowell Senior Center as tokens of our appreciation to the Lowell Masonic Association and The Immaculate Conception Church and The Lowell Senior Center for their continued support and generosity in letting us use their facilities.

Check out some images from previous concerts and give us a listen.

If you would like more information or would like to sing with us please feel
free to contact us or sign up for our mailing lists for members and/or friends.

Members can download forms etc. here.